Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Second Pair of Socks

Here they are on the needles - using two circs. Fairly adventurous for the second pair of socks, right? Well, it gets more interesting - I was kinda making up the pattern as I went along.

I wanted Ravenclaw socks, but couldn't find the right blue in the yarn I wanted to use. This is Sunbeam, Saint Ives - made in England, which I thought was entirely appropriate for a Harry Potter sock. Had to have Ravenclaw, as that was the Hogwarts house I sorted into in 3 of the 4 sorting sites I went to.
And I found that for only two rows of color, one could just carry the color, and not cut and join, and deal with all the ends.

I think it was a mostly successful experiment - The socks fit, the heel was interesting and a bit challenging, and the 'seam' line doesn't look as wonky as it might have.

They're shorter than most, I wanted only seven rings of grey going up the leg, one per book. And I used a 6 pointed star toe.

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