Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Second Pair of Socks

Here they are on the needles - using two circs. Fairly adventurous for the second pair of socks, right? Well, it gets more interesting - I was kinda making up the pattern as I went along.

I wanted Ravenclaw socks, but couldn't find the right blue in the yarn I wanted to use. This is Sunbeam, Saint Ives - made in England, which I thought was entirely appropriate for a Harry Potter sock. Had to have Ravenclaw, as that was the Hogwarts house I sorted into in 3 of the 4 sorting sites I went to.
And I found that for only two rows of color, one could just carry the color, and not cut and join, and deal with all the ends.

I think it was a mostly successful experiment - The socks fit, the heel was interesting and a bit challenging, and the 'seam' line doesn't look as wonky as it might have.

They're shorter than most, I wanted only seven rings of grey going up the leg, one per book. And I used a 6 pointed star toe.

First Pair of Socks!

I call these my Rainbow Sherbet socks - with the colors all swirled together

Notice the stripes match!

Made with Opal, on Brittany dpn's Size 2
Garter Rib pattern, from Sensational Knitted Socks

Finished Booties, And a Sad Story

Well, I finished the booties, and took them into the office. Great reaction from all who saw [I'll try to find the pic of the completed booties to show]

They were darling, should have not bothered to send them to my ungrateful son, but saved them for the county fair entry.

Wrapped them nicely, sent them in a box with other assorted baby items, and a note, saying "let me know when you get this box" and also "please take a pic of Baby Kai in the booties"
And I sent an email with the tracking number, saying "Let me know when you get this box"

I NEVER got an answer - not even a brief email saying "we got the freaking box, and the stuff is really appreciated". And you all know how freaking easy it is to hit a "reply" button
I've not yet gotten a "Thank You"
I've not yet gotten a pic of Baby Kai with the booties on.

Well, guess what. No more knitted items for the Baby Kai until he's old enough to talk clearly, and I can call and ask how he likes the new knitted whatever I make for him then. I'm thinking the sweater with the skull and crossbones.