Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Now that my sister and her family have gotten their presents, I can show pictures. I knit fingerless mitts.

These are my sister's done in alpaca, because she has issues with wool.
From Anne at Knitspot
It's her pattern for the Fine Cabled Mitts - a really nice pattern, the yarn just doesn't show the cables well. Done on size 2 dpns, in a beautiful dove grey.

And for my niece, a different pattern for mitts, who's pattern I cannot remember, from wool that I purchased from Ebay, that has some alpaca in it, but what I do not know.

These were fast! On 7 dpns [Brittany]

I also knit dishcloths for each, and made a basket to put everything in

My first cats head basket - And about my 20th basket overall. The odd thing is, I never make them by myself - I always do it at the local library when the basket class is being held - and I'm quite competent at it, I just don't want to have to fight off the cats while making the baskets at home.

I sent chocolate, some made made sweaters from our mother that no longer fit me, and Slinky's for the fun of it.

Fall Socks Finished!

Finally - well, they've been done for several weeks now - just finally got things organized to post

Here's the socks

And when I was driving from North Manchester to Indianapolis, via US 24, I found this group of trees = looking just like my socks! I just had to stop and take a picture of it

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Jitterbug Socks

Jitterbug, as in the yarn, not the design.

These are
Beatrix Queen's Day Clog socks

Blue Parrot Colorway - a delight to knit, and to wear.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My Fall Socks

I've gotten farther on these, which is good

But they're not done yet, and I want to wear them this fall

I know, knit rather than blog

And yes, they do need a good blocking

October Socks!

These are the October Sockamania socks

Colinette Jitterbug Florentine

A fun and easy pattern, I'm planning on making these again in '08

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall socks

Pic coming soon - have the first one almost done - working on the gussett.

But I found the color, and thought I'd get that part posted while I have that little piece of news -

It's On Line Sierra Color - Grand Canyon Trekking (Chocolate Brown, Adobe, Gold, Black & Off-White) - Color #893

Really screams 'fall' - I'm doing a double moss stitch pattern, and so it looks like a pile of fall leaves, ready to jump into.

I know, where's the pic?

Coming, I promise!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Keena's Socks or "You Rule"

These are socks I made for my 11 year old niece for her birthday - Tube socks for growing feet, from Sockotta.

She had to open the package early, and sent me an IM that said "You Rule"

I'm taking that to mean that she likes the socks :-)

Update - Since several have asked what the yarn is
It's Plymouth Sockotta, #11 colorway
I knit it on Brittany DPNs

And,,,, it's been regifted by Keena to her mother / my sister. Keena doesn't like tube socks, but they fit my sister nicely! :-)

Strikke Along

Yes, Another Project!

But starting 1 October, I've decided to make the Finnish Socks from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.

Updates to follow, but..

I have the Yarn, the Pattern, and the Needles needed!

WIPS and knitting that I'm planning to do

Fall socks for the Townsend Yahoo Group Seasonal KAL

Lilac socks from Jeanie Townsend

Green socks from SKS, for my SO, who has big feet, so I am learning to knit toe up

White alpaca scarf, the keep in the car so can knit at a moment's notice emergency knitting

Planned object d'wool

Fingerless mitts for my niece and sister for Christmas [no, they don't know about this blog, least I don't think so]

Cascade socks, in a winter yarn - Trek tweed, I'm thinking

Fingerless mitts for myself

Mountain Colors Twizzler yarn in Flathead Cherry - destined to be a hat

More yarn than time, right?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Second Pair of Socks

Here they are on the needles - using two circs. Fairly adventurous for the second pair of socks, right? Well, it gets more interesting - I was kinda making up the pattern as I went along.

I wanted Ravenclaw socks, but couldn't find the right blue in the yarn I wanted to use. This is Sunbeam, Saint Ives - made in England, which I thought was entirely appropriate for a Harry Potter sock. Had to have Ravenclaw, as that was the Hogwarts house I sorted into in 3 of the 4 sorting sites I went to.
And I found that for only two rows of color, one could just carry the color, and not cut and join, and deal with all the ends.

I think it was a mostly successful experiment - The socks fit, the heel was interesting and a bit challenging, and the 'seam' line doesn't look as wonky as it might have.

They're shorter than most, I wanted only seven rings of grey going up the leg, one per book. And I used a 6 pointed star toe.

First Pair of Socks!

I call these my Rainbow Sherbet socks - with the colors all swirled together

Notice the stripes match!

Made with Opal, on Brittany dpn's Size 2
Garter Rib pattern, from Sensational Knitted Socks

Finished Booties, And a Sad Story

Well, I finished the booties, and took them into the office. Great reaction from all who saw [I'll try to find the pic of the completed booties to show]

They were darling, should have not bothered to send them to my ungrateful son, but saved them for the county fair entry.

Wrapped them nicely, sent them in a box with other assorted baby items, and a note, saying "let me know when you get this box" and also "please take a pic of Baby Kai in the booties"
And I sent an email with the tracking number, saying "Let me know when you get this box"

I NEVER got an answer - not even a brief email saying "we got the freaking box, and the stuff is really appreciated". And you all know how freaking easy it is to hit a "reply" button
I've not yet gotten a "Thank You"
I've not yet gotten a pic of Baby Kai with the booties on.

Well, guess what. No more knitted items for the Baby Kai until he's old enough to talk clearly, and I can call and ask how he likes the new knitted whatever I make for him then. I'm thinking the sweater with the skull and crossbones.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What I've been doing lately

Baby Booties!

I'm a grandmother, and everychild needs hand made booties, right?

I should take a pic of these now that they are finished, and quite cute.

As a coworker said, they are too cute to give away.

Made from Lorna Lace's sock yarn, in the Black Watch pattern.

The booties above were made after I knew I had a grandson, the ones on the right were made before the DGS's birth.

In lovely Florida colors -

I'm not terribly pleased with the way they seamed up, but.... it was a first attempt.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

First Post!

This is a hat that I did for my niece.

She wanted something with blue, red, green, yellow - and limited amounts of purple.

It's an acrylic, Embroidery is in the name of the yarn, with a roll up brim, seed stitch center, done on size 8 circular needles.

Reports are that she likes it - and wears it to bed